H: 5'9''

 Size: 16-18

Bust: 42" D

Waist: 40"

Hips: 48"

Shoes: 10

Born and raised in Orange County California Samantha has been modeling for modeling for 5 years all of the US and Mexico. She has modeled for household names like Macy's, Jessica Simpson, The Avenue, Ross and Plato's Closet. Her first big dip into commercial being Lays. (Did you catch that pun? okayyyy...)  EBAY, Metro PCS and more. Magazine editorials include Women's Day, Vientitantos, and Newport Beach Mag...that we know of. The current industry has exalted her desire to represent this no-longer-so-niche category of modeling. 
"I love representing the curve part of modeling because I feel it is extremely important for the younger generations to love and appreciate the body type they have, whatever type that may be."  The goal, being to make the adjectives "plus," "curve" "Straight size" into MODEL. 
Besides modeling she produces commercials, and projects, as well as working with Model Smith Events on production of parties and fashion shows.

"I'm just a woman that wants an Academy Award for best Picture and the Cover of Vogue and I won't stop till I get both."  (How could you not believe her?)