AKA Spoety


Shirt: XL


Waist: 34"

It takes a quick glance at is tattoos and tall lean stature to see that Spoety is an athlete with an affinity for Los Angeles street and skateboard culture. Philip Young was born and raised in LA. He was given the name Spoety at age 13 for his way of “confidently" carrying himself, the name stuck and is just as relevant today. Being a SoCal native Spoety has been immersed in California “street style” and athletic culture since he was young. Approaching most sports rather as a general subject than a targeted skill he is a natural athlete. 

Spoety has worked for and/or with brands such as Levis, Nike with a billboard for Cortez, Supreme, Diamond, Always Out of Stock, lafayette NYC. and many of the LA local brands you see in the mainstream today. He has recently gone international working with brands out of Japan.

He's a lover of dogs, children and tattoos, amongst other things. At a time where street style and “athleisure” are a common lifestyle and look, Spoety remains true to what he always has been, a stylish young athlete in the city of LA. He is available for both print and on-camera opportunities and can perform most athletics at a moderate to advanced level.

Now working less in front of the camera and more behind it focusing on portraits and street/athletic photography. As a photographer he is available for both brand and event photography, focusing on candid yet habitual, portrait style moments. Shooting in digital and often polaroid style “quick” photography. His work ethic is timely and efficient while honest and direct.