B: 32"

W: 25"

H: 37"


Nyxx is a touring musician, photographer, and clothing designer. A motorcyclist and outdoors-woman, with an orca obsession, she loves to spend time kayaking, camping, and chasing fog. 

MUSIC BIO: Slotted to be your next obsession, Nyxx is a Los Angeles-based solo artist. A glittery, tattooed, sinful indulgence, she is a powerhouse sneaking up on the pop music scene. Photographer and visual artist, specializing in portrait and artistic portraits,  Nyxx creates all of her videos, graphics, costumes, and sets. Self-described as “goth pop,” Nyxx delivers the darker side of glitzy dance with a biting, decayed industrial influence. 


YT: youtube.com/nyxxnyxxnyxx