With mid-west charm and a fierce drive, she’s down to earth but has plenty of city-made attitude. She’s laid back, but there’s an intensity in her ways. You’ll often catch her rocking gold grills while spinning hip hop, but she’s just as happy playing a game of football with her family in the small town where she grew up. She’s what some would refer to a guy’s girl, but she’s fiercely loyal to her girls. 

Growing up in Cuba, Missouri she lived there while honing her skills, Nè moved to LA to pursue her passion, music and performing. Along with being a trained dancer, and recording artist Nè has a love for sketch comedy which she's been working on her whole life coming from a large family who created shows for fun and family. then relocated to NYC in 2014, where she now lives and is focused on writing and recording her debut EP, as well as DJing. 

Since moving to New York she has played at names such as Beauty&Essex, Tiki Tabu, and as she's often in Los Angeles has played famed DJ spots The Dime Bar on Fairfax, The Roosevelt Hotel pool, Lock& Key, clubs/lounges such as The Argyle and No Name. The difference in these venues shows not only her adaptability but her interest in music and the learning experience.