Ebonique wool



B: 34 A 

W: 25" 

H: 37.5"

Dress: 0-2


Ebonique’s name is a marker of the unique, creative and bold individual she is in all things, including modeling. Ambiguous in ethnicity due to a rich collage of cultural backgrounds, Ebonique is Cape Verdean/Portuguese on her mother’s side, and German/Russian/Polish/Dutch Irish on her Father’s. The girl is the quintessential "cool girl."

From Evanston, Illinois, a suburb bordering Chicago, Ebonite moved to Los Angeles, California after college to pursue a career in music/entertainment and fashion/modeling.

Well immersed in the intersection of street fashion meets high fashion, as well as experience in print/editorial, runway, commercial acting and a feature film acting role, Ebonique is a well-rounded and multifaceted model. Additionally, Ebonique is a singer/songwriter with her first EP, Cruisin’, available on iTunes now.